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Re: Wiper Arms

In a message dated 1/5/98 "Bill Martin" <billfree@interlynx.net> writes:

<<Has anyone run into the problem of their wiper arms not returning to the
down full position when turned off.>>

This problem can be caused by one (or poth) of two switches failing to make

On my ex-4kq it was the wiper stalk switch itself...cleaning with contact
cleaner (Caig De-Oxit) fixed it for me (still fixed Michael W.?). In the "off"
position this switch has a contact which provides power for the wipers to
return to the "home" position.

The other switch that can cause this is one located inside the wiper motor
itself. This switch goes "open" when the arms are at the "home" position and
closes at any other time. I believe this to be a wiper type switch so cleaning
may help if there is service access inside the wiper motor...no BTDT for me to
say for sure.

HTH and let us know what the fix ends up being.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq