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Re: "60 Minutes"

Josh wrote

I do seem to remember reading that also but I already knew it was all a
cruel joke.  I cannot tell you how many people I tried to explain it to.
"How many seconds (or feet) does it take to get a car to 60 mph?"  then:
"How many seconds (feet) does it take to get from 60mph back to 0mph?".
"Brakes are several TIMES more powerful than the engine - if the brake was
applied there is no way the car can move".  "In every case, the brakes were
functioning normally but there were no skid marks nor reports of the brake
lights being on!".  This was always met with blank stares and "its a killer
car" kinda noises.

I have replayed this explanation several times a year, every year, since
the original episode and I STILL get people who STILL believe that Audi
makes killer cars!


>At 12:45 PM 1/5/98 -0500, Mike Marion wrote:
>>FWIW - I watched the original episode and even with all of the
>>manipulations to the transmission (there were more dials and tubes sticking
>>out of that car than Frankenstein in a "B" Sci Fi flick) the driver had to
>>release the brake before the car took off.  I was standing in my living
>>room screaming at the TV set while my folks looked at me like I had three
>>heads.  It was the most blatant scam I have ever seen and anyone with any
>>mechanical knowledge at all should not have fallen for it.
>I'm not sure if anyone ever saw the SCIENTIFIC study Car and Driver did on
>the 5000 and the 60 minutes scandal.  It was a great article that showed
>how idiotic the claims were.
>- Josh Pinkert
>- flush@radix.net

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