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engine swap for 4kcsq

<I have a buddy that is interested in swaping a 5kt engine into his '87
<4kscq.  The question that he has is which engine to choose from, 85 or 87. 
<He has the ability to choose either one.  Please list pros/cons for the
<engines, if any.


     No question.  Go for the '87.  It has the later "stuff", like the water
cooled turbo, after-run coolant pump, etc.  Plus there is an additional sensor
on the intercooler to check intake air temp and adjust the timing if it gets
too hot.
     It will also have the later version of the intake, which is shaped
differently than the early ones.  I don't know the rationale for the change,
but I know they are different.

     Still Confused in Bucksnort.  
     (But not about this.)