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Re:S2 engine dilemma ( motec related )

All of my experiences with the Motec injection have been very positive.
It is the only system I'm aware of that is able to be set up for 5 cyl.
applications without any fuss. The key to programing the ecu (any brand)
is having a knowledgeable operator, a chassis dyno & a fast reacting 
fuel ratio meter. Trying to do it yourself w/o these is an invitation 
for an expensive disaster, turbo motors don't like running too lean.As
far as set-up on Rui's S2 & older 4kqt cars, it was all fairly quick & 
easy, there were problems, but not related to the Motec unit. High boost
applications like these show other problems-most were ignition related.
As far as turbo-ing the 7A motor, it was fairly straight forward. We 
used a RS2 manifold from Ned @ IA and modified it for a Garrett turbo-my
preference in turbos:cheaper, more efficent & easier to get parts for. 
The S4 head is different in the coolant passage design, however, the 7A
head is working just fine. Should a disaster occur, 7A heads should be 
cheaper to replace. Of course, all the internals (rods, pistons, etc) 
were replaced with much stronger parts. Ultimately the 20V motor will
offer much more power potential at a higher cost. Motec sometimes does
offer older trade in units for a fair price-check with them on 
that. There is another injection system to check out-Autronics, sold by
TAD in Lake Zurich, Ill. ( Autronics was started by ex-Motec engineers).
Hope this was some help.

Ron Wood
Audis a plenty:82 UrQuattro, 84 4kq, 85 4kq, 87.5 Coupe GT, 8? A2 rally