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Re: battery drain while parked - why?

The infamous part that is the culprit prowels in many vehicles and that is
the Bosch alternater regulator. Sometimes when a lot of power consumers are
used the regulater doesn't have the ability to recover and so your battery
doesn't recover either.Battery may also be weak causing the regulator to
insult the injury. Check battery then replace regulater. Doing a test on
alt wont show anything

> From: Creel, Kenneth E <kenneth.e.creel@lmco.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: battery drain while parked - why?
> Date: January 5, 1998 1:02 PM
> I returned from two weeks vacation to discover this morning that my
> was completely dead.  (Radio was off, doors closed).  This has happened
> before, in only five days time, when I was working on the car.  At the
> I thought I must have left a door ajar and dismissed it.
> a) Is there some Audi part that's infamous for causing this problem? 
> place to start troubleshooting?
> b) Any recommendations for a cheap, basic, automatic (i.e., attach and
> forget) battery charger?
> Thanks,
> Ken Creel
> '90 90q20V