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S4 in the family-No more Alfa's

Well, the unexpected has happened.
My son was hot on a Alfa 164 Q, but CPA motorcars was kind of a jerk
about it.
Too much dough and not so friendly about negotiating. In fact, I think
that I can no longer refer folks to his shop.
So, I go into Rusnak Audi today to exchange some floor mats for my V8
and find out that they have a 93 S4, pearl/platinum on sale and they
want to move it.

Called my son, he came over and drove it, went nuts, and fo rthe same
price as the Alfa, he now has an S4.
4 Audis in the family. No more Alfas.
Peugeot soon to die, and my 16V Merc sleeps a lot more.

Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
90 V8
91 200 TQW
93 S4