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Re: is Edmund's for real?

Doug wrote:
> So, my question to you all is, what's it like to dicker with an Audi
> If I walk into one and tell him I'm willing to pay $invoice + 3%, will he
> laugh at me?  Any real-world advice is MUCH appreciated.

I work for an Audi dealer, though not in Audi sales, I have close contact
with that department. All I can say is that Audi sales are higher than ever
for our dealership. I'm assuming this trend is nationwide. 
3% over invoice (actual cash price including incentives) is probably
unlikely. Since dealers are doing well, why would they sell you the car for
3% over when the next customer is right around the corner waiting to plop
down 6% or more over. It's more likely that they will accept an offer like
that on a slow seller, like one of the A8's (non Q, smaller engine) than on
something like the 1.8tq. Give it a try though.. it can never hurt but
don't give in easily. Shop around and make it obvious you are doing so. We
HATE that.. it makes us work harder than ever. Our Audi staff is used to
having to compete with dealers in 5+ states for sales. 

> Also, what (if anything) would I be giving up by taking a 3-year lease
> instead of a new car?  Are the 98's essentially the same as the 95's?

The 3yr/50K "Audi Avantage"  which includes all maintainence except tire
You also can't get the 1.8tq, or the 30v 2.8 V6s engine.
Nor can you get the redesigned A6.
Since you should have FULL access to service records during the 3 year
period, take the time to review them.. this should eliminate any obvious
problem cars or poorly maintained cars from the list of potential buys. 

However, you also don't get squashed with the big plunge of depreciation.
Good luck.

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K (no start still)
98 Plymouth Breeze Demo (Sold and Delivered this morning!)
97 Concord Demo