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Re: Rally Car Prep

ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:
> Mike Wrote...
> >My next major step will be getting a
> >crash box and learning to use it to my advantage and maintain it. I found
> >a shop in England that will build me a nice one(good to about 350 hp)and
> >will with some care survive many clutchless shifts. This is 1999 project.
> The tranny and drive train really are key.  I am hoping to find a used
> group a gearbox for my GTX.  Any leads?  I was up til 2:30 last night
> installing a new tranny in the car (standard ratios).  This morning
> was the most painful since Prescott, when Mark and I didn't get in til 3 am!
> UGH!
> >In 98 I hope to get AP breaks,16 Compomotive wheels , LSD rear and
> >tubular rear subframe to replace my week one. I also elected to get my
> >fule cell modifyed to have a filler cap right on it and not outside on
> >body work.
> I was considering going to 15's so that I can do an RX7 brake conversion,
> but I need more power and/or lower gearing first.  I have the LSD rear,
> lockable centre, and a good cage already.  I plan on doing a rear mounted
> battery first, and leave the stock gas tank alone for now.
> >When in England I visited Deemon Tweeks and picked MOMO 1000
> >Lakes seats. They are Kevlar, and inexpencive ($500 US plus shipping)
> >They are made for rally and are reenforced.
> I was at Sube sports over the holidays getting fitted for SPARCO suits,
> a new helmet (Bell Mag4) and seats.  They distribute the Cobra seats and
> have a Kevlar seat for $400+ (Imola 2).  I plan on getting one and a
> co-driver seat very soon (Sebring).  With the seat install comes the
> the foot boxand dead pedal.
> >Also I am going to get a set
> >of jack stands that attach to tubes that are wleded into rocker pannels.
> >They are cheep and very convenient. Bodywork is required to install
> >attachment tubes. That however will allow me to use the famous monkey on
> >a stick jack.
> I would appreciate a better description of this.  Are these the same
> front a rear mounts used by the twirling stands used during car prep?
> > Trips to England help my learning curve. Good luck.Want to hear how you
> > progress.
> > Mike Z
> I hope to bring the car to thunderhills and get used to some tarmac driving.
> That should be good training for the Escinada 2000 event coming up first
> this season in SoPac/CRS.  It is supposed to be a blast.
> paul timmerman

I have to dig into my English sourses to finde some numbers to call for 
the transmission. This weekend I will see JB and I will ask him also.He 
knows many people in UK. The only problem is cost. My cheapest quote for 
for new Toyota crash box with proper gravel ratios was 7500 British pounds 
with me providing one of my old tranys for bases. They however also add 
6th gear to it, like in GTI transmissions sold in Eurpean Car.
There are many trans shops listed in Motoring News which I just subscribed
It may also be possible to finde used one but it has to be from reputable 
sourse that is still in business so that replacement parts can be 
purchased. The truth with crash boxes is that ultimatly they all fail so 
that rebuilds are unavidable. Once/ season would be ideal. In high power 
application (350hp or more ) or in abusive driving they will fail more 
often. Notice that Paul's Hundai never jumps. Their transmissions can't 
take it. Luckly for them  (Paul & JB) they drive so well that it is not 
necessary. Hundai boxes are English built as I was told and can be shifted 
without use of clutch. Over 350 Hp X track is called for and it exists for 
Mazda 323 but it is expansive to purchase and operate(maintain).
Have you thougt of installing Tilton master cylinder setup. It is 
difficult because you  have to strip the fire wall and reenforce it with a 
steel plate. You than attach pedal cluster to it. Only after something 
like that you can use RX 7 calipers both in front and rear. The cool 
effect I get is when I do pendulum . I swing the rear of the car out and 
it stays there if I put enough pressure on rear calipers. As result I can 
break sideways. 
About seats. Chad and others cell $500 seats for $900 or more routinely
These are Sparco and MOMO. Demon Tweeks sells seats for less and they will 
sell you a better seat for less. They can also quote shipping costs upon. 
 request. Because they sell more they buy for less. Shipping is not as 
expencive as Chad will claim it is. Cobra Imola that Chad pushes is not 
all Kevlar. MOMO 100 Lakes is. He is correct about falure of fiberglas 
seats in rally however. 
About the stands. There is a horizontal bar that is 6" long attached by 
one end to the top of each stand. You weld a 6"long horizontal pipes into 
 rocker pannels just above jack points. When the car is serviced you lift 
it by subframe or by spetialy placed bumper attachments, insert both 
stands and lower it. Than you lift the other end. This frees up the space 
under the car for better excess and improves stability.
As for the tank I got a good deal on a tank from TTE that is purpuse built 
for my car. TTE was ready and willing to sell it. That is the biggest 
advantage of modern rally cars over Audis. Jap  Motorsport departments are 
your friends. Audi Motorsport considers you enemy. Japs and their European 
competition depatrments will sell you parts at or below cost just to help 
you out. Audi will tell you to get lost. That is why even tallant like 
Sprongl has so much troubles winning in the US. My car was replumbed for 
internal fule and break lines with Aeroquip so adding tank and pumps 
will not be much trouble. ATL in Europe has many prefabricated custom 
cells available through places like Demon Tweeks.

I wish I had the time to build for myself all the great things that I have 
seen and learned about rally cars.