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Fuel Injector Replacement - 200Q

I replaced all my injectors this weekend on my 130k mile car.  I had a leak
around one of the seals, and some major leakage out of the injectors when
the car was turned off that made starting very poor.

This was actually the first thing I've done on this car that was *easier*
than I thought it was going to be.  Two hours start to finish, being real
careful, and taking my own sweet time on a nice warm day.  While not cheap,
this made a very worthwhile improvement IMO.  Improvements:
- off-idle transition better
- much better starting
- seems freer to rev

I used the directions from Dave Lawson's previous posting (attached for
reference).  Thank you Dave.

I also found a cheap alternative to the L-shaped tool to remove the
injectors, that most people probably already have in their garage.  If
you've ever worked on cars from the 60's/70's, it's the screwdriver-sized
tool that is forked on the end and is used to lever up the plastic tabs
that hold on door panels.  Perfectly fits the injectors to lever them out,
and then shove back in.  Available dirt cheap at parts stores everywhere.

I got my injectors new from Linda for US$44.31/apiece (Bosch, not Audi).
Bosch part# 0437-502-043-015.  Audi part# 035-133-551-F.  These appy to a
1990 200tqw........SLM


>I swapped my injectors this past weekend on my 1990 200 q wagon. 
>Not real tough, but you don't want to mung anything up.
>1) remove injector cooling fan air outlet, 4 screws
>1a) liberally spray all injector connections with penetrating oil
>2) remove throttle cable/cruise control guide, 3 bolts on top
>of intake manifold(10mm and 13mm), 2 clips for throttle cable, 
>cir-clip for cruise rod ball/socket, undo injector line retaining
>clip, set aside
>3)pop out injectors, I use the L shaped tool designed for
>this purpose
>4)injector should now be loose in its hole, undo the fuel line
>to the injector, 12mm and 14mm
>5)push fuel line aside and remove injector, make sure air
>shroud tip is on injector
>6)install new o-ring(should be green) on replacement injector,
>(believe it or not I slide them down over the threaded part, my 
>hands still hurt) lube both upper and lower o-rings, I used 
>some mobil 1
>7)slide injector into mount hole
>8)connect fuel line to injector
>9)seat injector into its mounting
>10)repeat steps 3-9 for the other 4 injectors
>11)re-install throttle guide parts, be sure to connect ground wires
>12) re-install injector cooling fan distribution shroud
>I had to remove the TB hose to get room to use the removal tool
>on #1, so I used this opportunity clean out the hose.
>Dave Lawson
>1990 200 q avant, undergoing preventative maint
>1986 GT, for parts
>1983 ur-q, randomly dripping ATF on garage floor to mark it's spot

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