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Re: Synthetic Oils, very long, per Paul request

Here is the poop (per Paul's request):
while working for an internal combustion mfg. (USA) I performed the
following tests with synthetic oil);
full load (1200 RPM 1000 BHP) 165 BMEP (with Delvac 1, Mobil 30W)
full load (1200 RPM 1000 BHP) 165 BMEP (with Tenneco 30W)
partial load (1000 RPM 800 BHP) don't recall the BMEP (with Delvac 1, Mobil
note: continues running (shut down for oil change only)
oil change was performed at 500 HRS (with filters)

3 times the acceptable oil consumption (don't recall the acceptable
quantity) at FULL load
2 times the acceptable oil consumption (don't recall the acceptable
quantity) at PART load,
increased valve train wear (don't remember the detailes)
increased bearing material residue during oil analysis intervals (every 100

Conclusion: both oils judged unacceptable

There was a long report attached to the test, but the above is a very short

Personal experience:

used mobil 1 and delvac 1 (30W) in various VW over a period of 10 years: 
One of the VW's was a diesel Jetta, 3 engine rebuilds (complete) one new
engine 375,000 miles (one owner), 95% highway miles
Chev. pick up, oil consumption 800 miles per qt at 12000 miles (odometer)
500 miles per qt at 45000. Switched to reg. oil, oil consumption went to
1200 miles per qt.

Currently: 5K Q turbo 192000 miles (only regular oil) no adding between
changes (3 to 3.5K miles).

There is more but I think the above gets the point across, DRAW YOUR OWN




At 04:06 PM 1/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>>>With the risk of getting some nasty messages from some of you, not so
>>>>>>"distinguished" listers, let me bring some important points to your
>Hey, Avi, thanks for the note on synthetic oils.   If it's not too much
>trouble or too personal,
>could you tell us "listers" how you came to your tremendous wealth of
>knowledge on oils (I mean
>specifically).  If I knew that I could trust whatever you say without
>questioning it I would never have to
>consult another source or think for myself again and this would lift a
>considerable burden from my mind,
>and cure me of this run on sentence problem.
>>>>>>Please, do away with nasty messages
>The arrogance of some people!
>Paul "quite distinguishable from normal people" Royal