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Re: Fair price for 95 A6 Quattro?

Osman Parvez wrote:
> > Curious to see what this usenet thinks is a good price for a 95 A6
> > Quattro.
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > The original asking price on this A6 was 22500. We offered 20000 and the
> > dealer went down to 21000 with a 60000 mile scheduled maintenance, and
> > body work detailing, touch up paint job, thrown in.  We're mulling this
> > over right now, but we really don't know who is closer to the "fair"
> > market price, them or us? I've seen on the net that dealers are
> > generally asking around this price range for Quattros with this mileage,
> > but I don't know if they are getting it.
> >
> > Any thoughts on the deal?
> >
> Okay, I checked our used car roster for you. Note, I'm not trying to sell
> this to you. I'm giving it out for comparison to the deal you are working
> out. We have a 96 A6q, 33K, slushbox, leather.. heated seats.. non-Bose:
> $25,9K asking price. We've also had a blue 95 A6q 5sp(with a low spoiler!)
> running about that I have no idea what we want for it. I also know we have
> a 96A6qw slushbox, and Saturday somebody traded in their red 97 A4q
> slushbox in. I didn't jot down the prices for anything but the one I got a
> chance to drive.
> I'm not sure what we'd go down on the $25,9 A6q, but realize that what I
> quoted was ASKING price. From the look of it to me, one model year PLUS the
> lower mileage should compute to mean that the car you are looking for can
> be had for less. I think the market is probably filled with lease turn ins
> this time of year. Since we've had Three used A6q's recently, collecting
> dust and very little interest on our lot, it's a strong bet that many other
> dealers have them too. With the introduction of the new A6, the old model
> (like my mother's) just took a major hit in depreciation. I'm sure deals
> can be found so the best advice is to shop around a bit before spending the
> cash.
> Osman Parvez
> Albany, NY
> 89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K
> 98 Plymouth Breeze Demo

Thanks for the info. There does appear to be some pricing variation from
region to region, based on the mail that people on this list have sent
me. But from the adds of various dealerships within a 60 miles radius of
us we're not seeing much difference, they're very close on asking price.
I've called one dealership that we had bought from previously, and even
though they had more 95 A6 Quats on the lot, similar mileage and addons,
their asking price was about the same and in one case higher. Meanwhile
the salesman, from the dealership we originally saw the A6 at, called
and spoke to my wife. He came down from his 21000 counter offer to
20500. He's getting closer to the our bid of 20000, maybe I can wait him
out. We went to their lot this past Sunday to check the car out once
more and we noticed that they had posted as sold a number of other cars,
Mercedes, that had appeared on the lot later than the A6 and that were
higher in asking price. In our area, the  central New Jersey shore,
there doesn't appear to be a big market for Quattros. In our area if
someone hunkers for a 4wd they usually go for a sport ute, or at least
that's what I see. I'll let things sit for the rest of the week and then
if the car is still there maybe I'll offer 19500.

With all the advice and info the list has provided this buying venture
hasn't made me feel like I'm going in blind.