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Re: Catchy Quattro Licence Plates

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From: Paul C. Waterloo <74543.407@compuserve.com>

>In Illinois, if you have letters followed by numbers (any combination) they
>call them personalized plates. Cost -- $11 (I think this is one time).
>If you want all numbers or letters or numbers followed by letters or
>anything else, they call them vanity plates. Cost -- $65 (or something in
>that area).
>That's why you see so many personalized plates in Illinois!

In Finland you can buy personalized platess which are allowed to have3 to 2
letters, followed by one to three numbers. ie. you can get AUD-1 but cannot
get A-4...

Apparently the single letter stuff is saved for government use.  Does not
much matter though, this stupidity costs USD 1 000.00, yes a thousand bucks!
I guess our inmates get paid better.  ;-)

To add insult to injury, the plates stay with the car when ownership is
transferred, unless you pay the same ridiculous amount again!

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
A4 1.8T quattro AIE-827
911 Carrera BKH-911 (a stroke of luck...)