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Re[2]: Clutch Master Cyl 5kTQ

     Its Done ..... wasnt THAT bad of a pain in the A.. One of the tricks 
     is to Cut an old allen driver and use it on a 1/4 in 6 point wrench 
     (to gain clearence around the filler hose.... Thanks everybody

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Subject: Re: Clutch Master Cyl 5kTQ
Author:  hsapir@buckeyeweb.com (Harrison Sapir) at Internet
Date:    1/5/98 11:13 PM

pain in the *&#@$^ing ass. get someone else to do it for you. usually, the 
slave goes first.
Glen Abel wrote:
>      Ok, my clutch went to the floor, turns out one of the seals in the 
>      master cyl got torn.. I went to the parts store and as you may of 
>      expectd I got dumb looks.... This is a 19mm OR a 3/4 in bore, Does
>      anyone know of a comperable 3/4 in rebuild kit from some domestic car? 
>      Parts stores these days cant work from the back to the front....
>      BTW The reason this ripped was all the old fluid turned to grit,
>      anybody BTDT? I assume its only a matter of time before the slave does 
>      the same.... and how involved is it to take out the slave....?
>      Thanks...
>      Glen