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Quattro weather in Denver

Well, it's Quattro time again in Denver -- 8" snow and ice.  I have a long
commute so I go really early and the only vehicles out seem to be 'slip-up'
trucks, Slobarus and a few 'snort-pukes'.  Anyway, the snort-pukes go pretty
fast but they aren't in the way for long because they usually hit the ditch
after a few miles.  The Slobarus (although they have AWD) do as Slobarus are
so they are easy to pass.  But, those big stompen 4WD slip-ups are ugly.  I
think those guys imagine that they have the biggest baddest ride around
(actually, they are big and bad) and they do a great job of blocking the
road.  I have found that the 8 sec. (on ice) 0-60 run usually leaves them in
their place.  Thanks, 60 Minutes, I got mine cheap too in '92.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q, Hakka 1s, mit studs