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Re: V6 2.8 L Oil Consumption

> Date:          Mon, 5 Jan 1998 22:47:21 -0500 (EST)
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> Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 20:58:03 EST
> From: BOEING377 <BOEING377@aol.com>
> Subject: 2.8 L V6 oil consumption high?

> My 92 100S 2.8L V-6 (bought used at 7K miles, now at 80K miles) has always
> used about a quart every 1000-1200  miles of freeway driving. No smoke, good
> compression, same consumption with petro or synthetic oil.  Where is it going?
> Valve guides?  Rings? Is this abnormally high? Whenver I run into another 92
> 100S at a gas station I ask the owner and 2 out of 4 complained about similar
> oil consumption. I noticed an Audi Service Bulletin obviously written to
> mollify complaints from customers, explaining that oil consumption isn't
> unusual or even bad.  As one optimistic friend said "look at it this way...
> you always have reasonably fresh oil in your engine". Comments?

You may possibly be leaking a little oil through the oil pump.  Some 
of these pumps were porous and seeped over time. Could also be 
leaking through engine seals.  Inspect for oil deposit on the splash 
pan beneath the engine compartment.

Could also be consuming oil as you point out by rings and valve 
guides.  I am using Mobil 1 10W30 in winter and 15W40(50?) summer, in 
my '93 100 CSQW.  During the winter I am using about 1Qt./2K miles.  
I have 62K miles on the car.  During the summer my consumption is a 
little less.

Timing belt and oil pump replaced last month.  
I'm curious to see if the oil consumption is less.

David Torrey 
Veazie, Me.
'93 Audi 100CSQW 59K miles
'87 Saab 900S 160K Miles
'79 BMW 320I 94K Miles