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Re: 2.8 L V6 oil consumption high?

At 08:58 PM 1/5/98 , BOEING377 wrote:
>My 92 100S 2.8L V-6 (bought used at 7K miles, now at 80K miles) has always
>used about a quart every 1000-1200  miles of freeway driving. No smoke, good
>compression, same consumption with petro or synthetic oil.  Where is it

I've got a '93 90 with the V6 engine, and I find it uses about a
quart every 2500 miles or so. I've been using synthetic for a couple
of years now, and found that it didn't significantly change consumption.

One thing to watch out for, particularly with the early V6s (i.e. 1992s)
are oil leaks. These engines were notoriously leaky. I'd imagine a 
leak would have to be pretty bad for it to have a noticable imact on
consumption, but...

Typical leaky spots are heads, the vally pan (between the two cylinder
banks) and the rear main seal. The vally pan leak is hard to spot unless
you're disassembling bits of the motor.

1993 90CS 63k