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Re: Re: battery drain while parked - why?

In a message dated 1/5/98 9:28:02 PM, johnw@webgate.net wrote:

>The infamous part that is the culprit prowels in many vehicles and that is
>the Bosch alternater regulator. Sometimes when a lot of power consumers are
>used the regulater doesn't have the ability to recover and so your battery
>doesn't recover either.Battery may also be weak causing the regulator to
>insult the injury. Check battery then replace regulater. Doing a test on
>alt wont show anything

I replaced the internal regulator with a external and have noticed a HUGE
difference in charging performance and leakage current.  If anyone want's the
write-up on how to do the conversion and what parts to buy let me know. 


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
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