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Reality check?

This RWD / AWD controversy is interesting to me, no matter how many times it is beaten in the ground.  Scott and Randall both make valid points, but here is the sum of the situation:  In comparing cars, isn't it a compliment to the quattros we wrench to have any of these little engined heavyweights mentioned in sentences that include Supra tt's, RX7t's, BMW M3's and 540i's?  All great cars, but all significantly different than most of the US owned Audi's that we listers own.  Drive a Supra, RX7 or M3 with 3 of your grown buddies and 400 pounds of stuff in the rear sometime:)  Won't happen.  540i?  Without a doubt [with a 6 speed] one of the finest driving luxo-sports ever produced.  Go buy one for under $12,500 in primo condition.  

Fact is, although I hate the way Audi does business, sells parts, fixes? cars, deals with people, there is only one car built in the last 10 years that can honestly be compared to what I drive:  That is, the Mercedes dysfunctional 4-matic.  Talk to someone that has had one of these puppies repaired in the "4-matic" part.  That repair, out of warranty, can cost you far more than most of the cars on this list cost when we became the 2nd owners.

Frankly, in some sick sorta way, I hope Audi never listens to its customers, continues to ransom replacement parts, keeps as*holes working at my local dealership, etc.  That way, within 5 years, I will be talking about the problems I'm having with my $10,000, 3 owner,  125,000 mile S6 wagon [Black / Black, please].