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Re: Starter/Lighting Thanks

> Osman Parvez wrote:
> > Driving the Plymouth Breeze they've given me for a
> > demo has made me appreciate the 200q quite a bit more, I'm no longer
> > thinking of selling.
> I just rented this POS this past Nov, when went to LA to see my Mom.
> This car should be outlawed coz it has no brakes! At least in the eyes
> of anyone who had ever driven aa Audi 200TQ with dual piston callipers,
> SS brake lines, cross-drilled Brembo rotors and this awesome hydraulic
> assist (when it works ;-). 
> That '98 Primus was scarily dangerous to drive. Man, was I glad to get
> back into my 200 with the build date of 5/88!

Strong words Igor. It leads me to believe that replacement of the bomb on
my 200q is an utmost priority. The 98 Breeze (w/12m on the clock) braked
with extreme superiority to my Q. It's an unfair comparison of course, but
still.. I was pleasantly surprised at the Breeze's brakes. Either I'm
completely deranged for having driven a car with a shot bomb for so long,
or the Breeze you drove had some seriously messed up brakes. 

I'll refrain from commenting on the Breeze's other attributes for obvious
(job security) reasons. It really doesn't matter now anyway, my Demo was
sold out from under me. They've given me a 97 Concord to putz around in for
a couple days until I get another demo. Apparently, the management has
decided to offer an alternative to the traditional demo privledge. I may
get my option of a demo OR "demo cash". The cash pay would probably be
somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-250/month. If that is the case, I'll
probably take it and turn that money around to maintaining/improving the Q.
Since work is less than 10miles from my house, it probably makes sense. If
I need a vehicle for some reason or another, working for the dealer gives
me access if necessary.  

Any comments?

BTW, I had an opportunity to sample an 98 A6q w/ 16" wheels on it
yesterday. VERY impressive, though expectantly a bit sluggish off the line.
It's got more pick up than my Mom's 96 A6q, and feels much more refined.
I'm not sure what to think of the tip-tronic yet though.. I played with it
briefly but it made me feel very disconnected from the car. If it were
available, I'd choose the 5 spd over the tiptronic. The shape/styling of
the A6 is starting to grow on me now.. I notice new lines/ design features
every time I see it. For instance the way the body panels fit together on
the rear is very innovative. 

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K