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Re: battery drain while parked - why?

On the 5kq mine was a GD rad fan that liked to come on at any ol' time.
It cold here now so I have not checked it out, but the cure was a piece
of cardboard between the contact points in the fan relay.  I'll get to
it when the warm weather comes.  Caught it when the BH came home one day
and asked why I left the car running (well sure, the fan is loud).  That
was eight friggin hours after shut down!  Maybe a multifunction temp
sensor?  I think one qlister (Mr. Powell?) put some kind of  switch on
the negative ground and just shut the whole damn thing down upon exiting
the vehicle.

IAC, I'm going to peer into the dash this weekend to see if I can get
the heater fan to come on like it should.  I don't like the "I'll come
on when I want to" attitude it has assumed.  Then it's onto the O2
sensor before the cat burns out......moocho fun ahead.