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Re: "60 Minutes"

"Ian J Haseltine" <jim_haseltine@email.msn.com> wrote:

>Anyone else in the UK (Phil) remember the similar problems with the Volvo
>300 series automatics? There were a number of cases just after the car was
>launched where they either slipped from park to drive with no action from
>the driver or accelerated sharply when the driver applied the brakes. Didn't
>seem to affect Volvo's reputation at the time, probably because people
>realised that as the usual drivers of such cars were almost senile (I know,
>its a sweeping statement but chances are that its true) and as such couldn't
>tell the difference between the two pedals.

>I have to admit that I owned a 340 manual for a while, but as it consumed
>propshafts at a rate of 1 every 2 months it didn't last very long.

Aaah- the 340 (nee Daf 77), one of the greatest cars ever made- not. The
only good comment I've ever read on it was in 'Car' magazine's section
which features short reviews of cars, with 'For' and 'Against' sections.
For the 340, it said 'For: it doesn't rust. Against: it doesn't rust'. ;-)