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Wipers & Climate Control

I'm new to the list, so please accept my apologies in advance if these
questions are oft-asked.

I have a 1985 5000s wagon, and I'm experiencing a couple of problems.  (I
bought the car with the problems, so I don't know when they began to occur)
First of all, usually when I switch my windshield wipers to intermitant,
they will work okay for a few iterations, but will eventually stop part-way
through their sweep.  Also, on any setting, when I switch them off, they
don't usually seat correctly, they'll stop near the middle of their arc for
a few seconds then move to within a couple of inches of the normal seated
position, and stop for good.  I can tap them on to make them go the rest of
the way though.  Sometimes the problem occurs right away, sometimes after a
few minutes, but this nearly always happens at some point.

The other problem is the climate control system, to get "auto" or any of the
other functions to work, I must first set it to defrost, then to the mode I
want.  This is not really a big deal, but it's kind of annoying.  The thing
that really bothers me is, when I switch off the key, sometimes the CC (fans
and all) stays on, even if I remove the key.  If I switch the key off & on
several times, it will turn off eventually.  I cannot seem to find a pattern
for this problem, I'd say about one out of 4 times I shut the car off, the
CC stays on.

I would appreciate any advice on this.  Thanx!