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Re: Ur-Quattro Big Problem

Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, your quattro is rotting and turning to rust.

Solution?  Move to California nd avoid the salt moster,  what that doesnt
work for you?  Sounds like you need some serious metal plating to fix this
problem.  A good body and fender shop or a race shop would know what to
do.  If it was my car, I would fix it then sell it!  What else is eaten
away.  If he decides to keep a thorough inspection of the rest of the car
is certianly in order.

paul timmerman

>On closer inspection, I saw that his firewall was split. There's a huge
>crack starting from about the 9 o'clock position (standing on front of
>the car looking backwards at the firewall) and going down at about 45
>degrees as far down as we can see. Every time he pushes on the clutch
>the firewall flexes forward about 2 inches. This certainly explains the
>nebulous-feeling clutch pedal.