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P/S Pumps?

I've found a nice 1991 Audi 200 quattro sedan than I'm going to buy.
Problem is, the power steering pump leaks like a sieve. The selling
dealer has offered to reduce the price $350, which he says is half his
cost to install a new one.

I'm pricing out pumps, and I found a reman, 3-year warranty, at
Blaufargnugen (http:www.audiquattroparts.com) for $210. Dealer wants
$383. I contacted Blaufargnugen to order it and the (really courteous)
lady apologized and told me that since mine's a 20V engine I need a
different one at $325.

I visited the dealer at lunch and asked about their pump. They show that
this car needs P/N 054-145-155B, of which there is no reman version:
$663. I asked further about a reman and a knowledgeable parts guy says
they always give out reman 034-145-155DX for this application, $383,
which shows to be for all BUT the 20V application. A local parts supply
house can sell me a reman (of the "right" part) built by "A-1" with a
lifetime warranty for $360.

I re-called Blaufargnugen, and asked her to pull both pumps. She looked
them over and they are identical, physically. I pored over the service
manual (Bentley) for this car and found no technical differences, even
to the psi output. The pump that's in the 200 looks IDENTICAL to the one
installed in a friend's 1985 5000T.

Bottom line: I can get a Blau reman of the garden-variety one for $210,
or the "right" one for $325; I can get a locally-supplied reman for
$360. Or, I can get a dealer-new one for $663.

So what in the heck is different about these pumps? Is there any reason
to buy the more expensive pump?