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Re: Audi allroad quattro unveiled

>Just caught a peek at the Audi allroad quattro, the
>A6-wagon-based-SUV-Outback-type-thing. Take a look at
>if you want a look. I don't know what to think.

The over-pronounced wheel arch is too Americanish. But I'd be more
interested in the hardware. I mean, is there anything that puts it apart
from other real SUVs and pseudo-SUVs? The adjustable air suspension sounds
cool (wonder how much do they add to the weight?). But seriously, if they
still have that 200bhp V6 in there, then this Allroad thing will still
have serious power deficiency (0-60 in 12 seconds?).

Audi may have created a good SUV alternative. But they better get it
right. I, for one, is in need of trading in the MPV. Throught of MB's SUV,
but it's too expensive, fuel hungry, and smallish interior space. If Audi
has a good one, I think I know which I'd trade the MPV in for...

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