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Audi Phone Handset

   When I got my 1990 V8 it came with the phone armrest and transceiver in
the trunk, but no handset. The local AT&T store plugged in a standard
issue Motorola of some sort and it powered up and then shut down. They
told me to call Motorola. Motorola claims that they make the handset for
the Audi phone but as with Lexus and other car manufacturers they treat it
as proprietary. They told me to call Audi parts. Of course, Audi parts
wanted nearly $300. for virtually the same handset as the $100 Motorola
that powered up and then shut down.
    Does anybody know whether the Audi Motorola handset is just a Motorola
handset with 4 rings? If so, could you provide me with the number of one
that works? If I pay $200 for rings I want the kind that will get me out
of trouble with my wife for buying this car!