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Re: V8 Oil Consumption

>I have a 91 V8 Q....w/52K on it...I experience about a 2Qt. loss between oil
>changes every 3K....using Shell's premiun oil..15-40......It seems if I push
>it hard a couple of times (really hard)   it will go thru a little more than
>that...Any other experiences out there ????
> R. Krucker, Cincinnati, Ohio
        I have closely monitored my '91 V8's oil and fuel consumption over
the last 17,000 miles.  Baseline is no leaks anywhere and a 5 speed.
Switched car to Castrol Full synthetic 17,000 miles ago (at 62k).

        Car consumed roughly 1-1.5 qts between the 5,000 miles changes.
Driving was not overly agressive but the car saw redline periodically and I
drove at higher speeds.  Mostly highway miles at 80mph +/- 5mph.  Avg mpg
from 16.7-17.0.

        1,500 miles ago I 1)carbon-cleaned the system from fuel pump
forward, and 2)switched to Q-tires (snows) so driving much more cautiously.
Highway cruising speed is 65mph now and no redline jaunts from stop lights.
Car now consumes no oil whatsoever at 79k.  Avg mpg now varies from
19.8-20.2.  Personally I think reduced consumption is due to my right foot,
just as it was with the old muscle cars.

        Bryan Kamerer