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CQ 20v radio help

Que pasa mi Audi loving amigos?


I am turning to you guys because I have put in a "new" tape deck in my coupe.
Upon hooking up the radio (from a GTI), the rear speaker harness for the
Wiesbaden radio (sperate harness) differs from the V-dub unit (included with
the fronts).  I need to know which wires are for what, and where to connect
them.  I didn't want to test out my hypothesis on what the different wires are
for.  BTW, all functions of the radio (memory, etc.) work, except for the rear
speakers.  There are six unconnected wire groups:

Top:  Brown w/red & Brown w/black; Red w/yellow; Brown w/red
Bottom:  Blue w/green; Red w/green; Red w/grey

Sorry for the BW.

-Eric Ferguson