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WANTED: 4-dr. under $2500 in Mass. area

Hi fellow listers,
    I am in search of a safe and reliable 4-dr. for under $2500 that is to
be used for the transportation of my 2 sons(ages 3 and 6) and to be manually
shifted by their mother. We are in the North shore area of Massachusetts and
will travel tomorrow(01/06/98 or a.s.a.p.) with cash in hand for strong
Audi. I would prefer a 4K Quattro, but would consider a front-wheel-driven
5K. I drive an '86 Coupe GT now but owned an '82 4Ks 4e before, so I know
the I-5 engine and 4K body thus the desire for a 4K Quattro. Interior must
be fairly clean, exterior can have small amounts of rust. Drivetrain,
brakes, and tires must be 100% for safety reasons. Performance/aftermarket
products not necessary.
    I am sorry for the BW, but I have been away from my computer for 2 weeks
and thus have amassed 3,000 unread e-mail messages from the list that I
cannot sift thru quickly enough since a car is needed this week. TIA for any

Allan Jones
1986 Commemorative Design Edition Coupe GT