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Re: 4000csq belt squeeking at start

Hi Alex;

    If the adjuster rack is not loosened along with the alternator bolts,
the teeth can shear off the adjuster pinion. The rack  slot does not match
the arc of the pinion bolt as the alternator moves and the entire rack has
to move to compensate. If the rack is not loose, the adjuster pinion binds
against the rack and voila! - no teeth. At least this is how the system on
my '91 200q works - from your description yours sounds similar.

                        Fred Munro
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Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 11:51 AM
Subject: 4000csq belt squeeking at start

>In message <1D94A6F04B78D1119D5B0060979FBE9A01C30A@A1> Aleksander Mierzwa
>> Well, I always loose all alternator bolts when attempting to tighten the
>> belt. My observation is that the adjusting gear is made of way too soft
>> material - both times I tried to tighten the belt using the gear I
>> simply could not apply enough torque - the teeth were breaking way
>> before achieving correct belt tension.
>You have another problem of some sort, Alex.  The recommended adjuster
>for a used belt is 4 Nm.  That's less than 3 lb ft - you could almost reach
>that by pulling the wrench with your tongue.
> Phil Payne
> Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club