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Re: Audi allroad quattro unveiled

In a message dated 98-01-06 14:45:31 EST, Robert.Houk@East.Sun.COM writes:

<<    Just caught a peek at the Audi allroad quattro, the
    A6-wagon-based-SUV-Outback-type-thing. Take a look at
    if you want a look. I don't know what to think.
 Bearing in mind that pictures lie through their pixels, I think it
 looks kinda neat -- very "purposeful", like an UrQ. >>

The real car, as seen on the turn table at the Detroit Auto Show (more
correctly called the North American International Auto Show), is indeed
"purposeful" looking.  I would suggest that if one likes the TT and the new
A6, one would very much like the Allroad concept car.  If you are not a fan of
the recent styling direction shown by Audi, you are unlikely to find this
allrad Allroad any more to your liking.  Personally, It's the sort of thing I
might be willing to pay real money for, if they were to upgrade it from the
currently shown 2.8L 5V 200 hp V6.

More information, and a download version of the press kit, is available at the
Audi AG web site.  I also picked up an Allroad CD ROM information disc which I
will peruse, posting any details that don't seem to be common knowledge from
the sources already mentioned.