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Re: Whats your "Back-up" transportation?

Michael Murphy wrote:
 > MJ Murphy
 > existing transport:
 > 98 A4q Avant (5sp) - delivery expected soon after H#*L freezes over.
 >           so what if there's no rear legroom after I adjust driver seat.
 >           hey, what's this $495 dealer prep charge for, assembly?
Then four.rings@MCIONE.com wrote

< Jeez, that's a rather blunt robbery! I paid $135 for the dealer's PDI of
 my A4TQ a fortnight ago. >>

PDI, which you may think means Pre-Delivery Inspection, is more aptly
described as "additional dealer profit."  In the U.S. market, the dealer is
typically paid - by the manufacturer -- to PDI the car.  This is most
certainly the case for Audi.  It's nice that you folks are willing to pay them
again, but it seems unnecessary.  Of course, it is a seller's market at the