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Re: Growing family (sorry to raise this again)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Leah Mueller say:

> Found out today that we will have to add another car seat.  With two car
> seats and a growing teen, even a 5kqt seems to look small in the back seat.
> Any ideas out there? I remember this thread vaguely, but admit to not
> paying much attention.  I guess I should have.  Did any of the wagons come
> with seating for more than five? I don't want to give up the awd of the
> Quattro.  Any thoughts on Synchro VW vans? I need traction and heat for the
> snow and cold.  Thanks

Yes, the later (92+?) 100/A6 wagons have a set of jump seats in the
back which gives seating for at least 6. Looked at this myself....


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