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All road Audi, beetle in Autoweek

This weeks issue of Autoweek has a little blurb about the Audi Allroad (or
whatever).  States that its got the 197hp V6 and adjustable suspension
(three ride heights, 5.7, 6.7, 7.7 inches, and self-levelling).
Automatically squats down at high speeds. Nothing about price etc.  Looks
are, well, interesting...

Issue also has "first drive" of the new VW Beetle for those nostalgia
buffs.  Could be a cool commuter with a (chipped?) 1.8 turbo and Synchro
(based on transverse engined Golf though...?) which seems at least possible
if not likely.  Now if they would just build the thing somewhere other than
Mexico...  Price starts in $15k range rather than the originally reported

Anyway -


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