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Strut prices

I'm looking for something of a performance type strut cart (not necessary,
though). I would like to know what performs well,lasts long and is cheap.
I actually would try to stay away from the performance strut just because
I do a lot of city driving on bad roads. Ive seen like gabriel and monroe
for good prices, but don't know. The ones I've got in my car right now are
NAPA's. They were priced well and made in Germany (usually that means by
the same manufacturer). They worked well, but they didn't handle the power
very well of my Turbo (they were in my old 5ks with 2k miles on them).
They're a little on the soft side now. I'm looking for something that will
last a while. Bilsteins may be too pricey.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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