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RE: P/S Pumps?

Yesterday I posted this query to the list. To get an answer I contacted
Audi of America.

My query was forwarded to the Technical Support Group, and their answer
is that the remanufactured part, 034-145-155DX, is an acceptable
replacement power steering pump for the 1991 Audi 200 quattro, which
shows the new p/n as 054-145-155B. The dealer's reman listing shows the
reman part to be applicable to only the MC engine. In fact, the new p/n
is no longer available.

A reman power steering pump can be obtained from Blaufargnugen
(http://www.audiquattroparts.com) for $210, 3-year warranty. Dealer list
price on the reman is $383, 12/12 warranty.

> Bottom line: I can get a Blau reman of the garden-variety one for
> $210, or the "right" one for $325; I can get a locally-supplied reman
> for $360. Or, I can get a dealer-new one for $663.
> So what in the heck is different about these pumps? Is there any
> reason to buy the more expensive pump?