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'94 90CSQ rear mud flaps?

In message <> Mark.Granoff@software.com (Mark Granoff) writes:

> Perhaps readily in Europe, but apparently not in the US. I looked. Both my
> dealer (in MA) and Linda @Carlsens had no part number for rear mud flaps
> for my car. That was as hard as I wanted to work on the problem at the time.

I just called Tim at The Parts Department.

He says there is no 'grey market' in mudflaps in the UK, because they're
available from UK dealers so cheaply that there's no point in anyone
else importing them - Audi's markups are not high enough.

Autohaus in Wellingborough are my 'dealer parts only' suppliers -
their fax is +44 1933 442142 and they take most major credit cards.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: +44 385302803  Fax: +44 1536723021