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Re: Odd tranny problem

  It's possible that your Transmission Control Module (TCM) has recorded a
critical fault and has entered into an emergency run mode. When the auto trans
enters into an emergency run mode it shifts to 4th gear and stays there, because
it's a direct mechanical link between the engine and tranny, which would result
in the stalling-when-stopped situation that you describe. The aftermath of
running in emergency mode is that when you restart the car the tranny will shift
into reverse and Drive, however in drive it will actually be in 2nd gear (why? I
have no idea.). The good news is that the critical fault will be recorded in
memory and any shop with OBD reading capabilities should be able to find out
what happened. Hint: don't take it to the same shop that overfilled the tranny
in the first place, they may have a conflict of interest if the OB reading
indicates that this is somehow a result of their mistake.

  BTW, I did not develop a sudden insight into the inner workings of the Audi
auto tranny... I picked up this info from my Alldata disc :-)

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 33k miles
'89 Suzuki Katana 600 hibernating

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From: AudiJeep <AudiJeep@aol.com>

>Fellow listers,
>Sorry about the first message, sent it before I was finished. An odd tranny
>problem has come up in the last week or so in my '92 100S autobox.  It started
>last week when my inclined driveway was snow-covered. I only got part way up
>before I lost traction, so I hit the brakes, knowing spinning tire is a good
>way to burn out the tranny. Well, the car stalled. At the time I thought
>nothing of it. Now five times in the last week my car has stalled when I come
>to a stop. What happens is it seems the car is not disengaging from being in
>gear when I stop (like leaving a 5 sp in gear and stopping with the clutch