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Re:Redline, MTL or MT90?

Rob Winchell wrote:

>The Bentley for the 200Q seems to say GL-4 75w90 for the tranny, 
> which would be MT-90, right?

As I understand it, yes, that's correct.  The MT-90 is a heavier lubricant
than the MTL.  I have it in my 5KCSTQ and like it works very well. The
transmission demands no extra attention during shifting and feels as
positive as the shift linkage lets it, in other words, it works like it's new.  
I was a little concerned at the beginning because I live in Chicago and
was worried about its performance at low temps., but so far it hasn't
been a problem.  If anything, the tranmission shifts better when it's really
cold outside than before...shouldn't be powershifting it anyway when
the steering is still sluggish from the cold (the computer tries to prevent it

Best Wishes,