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Re: Bentley's and Microfiche (was: Fault codes)

Thanks for your response to my question about Bentleys for my '88 100t.
I'm glad I asked you guys ;).

I also found a mail dated sep. 12 that said:
>The Bentley manual for the 86-88 5000TQ that I had was screwed up as far as
>the idle adjustment procedure. My later 89-91 200TQ Bentley manual which
>covers the early single knock sensor MC engine that is in the 86-88 5000TQ
>cars shows the correct idle adjustment procedure.

Tom Nas wrote:
>The latter, I'd say. The US model years are always one or two behind the
>European market. We got the new 80 in late '86, for instance- '88 for >the US.

Igor Kessel wrote: 
>Yes, you need a '89-'91 manual (flush handles, new dash, etc).
>Also, the '89-'91 manual (unlike the 84-'88 one) covers not only the
>MC-1, but the MC-2 and 3B engines as well.

Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
> If your car already has flat doorhandles (lucky you :-) ), you should
> buy the Bentley for 89-91 100/200 cars. It covers MC-1, MC-2 and 3B
> (20V) engines. I've noticed that the differences between US and Euro
> spec cars are marginal - every time I go to the dealer to order a part
> for my US spec car I say that it's for the 200 and they have no problem
> finding it on the microfiche. Only if your car doesn't have catalytic
> converter there will be some differences in wiring and vacuum hose
> layout.

Flemming Christensen