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Hey, that's big :)

Waxing poetic, might be calling the kettle black as s.O.C writes:
>I'm not certain that I'd be waxing so poetic about brakes that unless your
>running a VERY agressive brake pad really are only marginal.  Even with all
>the mods that you've done nothing compares to a real caliper with 4 pot's, a
>12.72" dia 1.25" thick rotor. SS Lines and reasonable pads (Like no noise and
>very low dust that just sprays off with water) Kinda why I chucked the stock
>brakes.... You can now drive the car the way that it's supposed be drivin,
>with left braking.
>Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
I heard a ...     zzzzzzip! after that one.
"Nothing"?  That is a 'big' word.  Some of the qlisters running with 4 pot
13.2" rotor 1.25 thick with a set of stock production pads might smile some at
that 'claim'.  So 'big' and 'nothing compares'  is all relative to who's
visiting the bathroom, I suppose.

Then again, looking at the flavor of Igors post, I believe him to be
apreciating his own quattro, not anyone elses.  The above seems to blindside
him with 'size' when the guy wasn't peeking or even curious.  Quite a few
qlisters have big (and bigger) brakes already, few choose to whack an
unsuspecting fellow lister with such blatent need and out of context feelings
of 'urgency'.  There are kinder and gentler ways to pull your zipper down
without using your kindly stallmate as the urinal.  

My bow to 'Unk Bart for any potential infringement of copywrite.  A toast to
our stallmate, Igor, for his continued and knowledgeable technical 'tinkle'
for the betterment of this list.  Please continue 'waxing' on, sir, 'poetic'
or not.  Certainly in this case, shoulders first... :)
Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq