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Engine types for Audi 100's sold in Europe?

I am looking for a replacement engine for my car ('87 100 2.2CD with
KU engine). I will probably have to drive to Germany to get it, so I
have to be sure it fits in my car. 

It would be nice to have a list showing engine type, HP, year,
kat/non-kat and injection system for the different I5 engines used in
European Audi 100's from 1985 to 91.

Can anyone help?

Allan Olesen, Denmark

83 100cd man. 243k miles (just runs and runs and...)
87 100cd aut. 144k miles (wish it did too)
84 Toyota Corolla        (no comments, hiding face behind newspaper)
66 Jaguar S              (rusting/awaiting restoration)
65 Jaguar S              (rusting/awaiting restoration)