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Re: Replacing rotors on '93 90CS

> Front axles:  It looks as though there's a single bolt/washer that
> screws into the Axle shaft, through the wheel bearing and wheel hub. 
> Can this be correct?  One bolt?

Undoubtably not that one.  It holds the hub and axle together.
Once you take the wheel off, the rotor is usually loose on Audis.
The caliper will prevent it coming all the way off, so you have to
unbolt the bracket that holds the caliper and pads.  Two bolts on
the 5k, most likely the same caliper on later 90s.  Replace these
bolts with new ones.

 Also, it says "loosen/tighten ONLY with
> vehicle on ground."  Well this just doesn't seem right--especially if it
> attaches the wheel to the axle!  How is one meant to support the car?

It's accessible thru the center of the wheel.  You do it on the ground
because it requires a lot of torque to break it loose and you don't want
the car falling off your jack/jack stands.

> Rear axles:  This looks much more simple, though it is the same idea as
> the front:  There's the Stub axle that attaches to the axle beam, and
> this sticks through the splash guard, inner wheel bearing, rotor, wheel
> hub, outer wheel bearing, etc. and ends with a large nut.  The biggest
> question the illustration brings to mind is that the rotor they show is
> the same diameter as the wheel hub!

Bad illustration.  The rear is essentially the same as the front.
Get the caliper and bracket out of the way of the rotor and
it comes right off.

In summary, on Audis, only the wheel bolts hold the rotor to the hub,
but the rotor won't come off without getting the caliper bracket
out of the way.

BTW, VWs tend to have a screw that holds the rotor to the hub.  I've
never seen one on an Audi though.