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Re: Replacing rotors on '93 90CS


Thanks to all who replied!  This list has suprised me in the past, but
never as pleasantly as this.

It looks as though to remove the rotors, there will be no removing of
axle nuts or bolts!  This is illustrated by the book, if you know what
you're looking for, in the "Rear axle ABS components assembly."  The
front looks like it will be the same.  I'll end up just taking off the
wheel, caliper assembly (caliper and brake pad carrier, I suppose I'll
separate them first), and take at the rotor with a rubber mallet until
they come off.  The "Frot brake assembly" and "rear brake assembly"
pictures don't show a screw holding the rotor on but I'll look for one
before I start banging.  The pads are only worn down halfway but I
suppose I'll just replace them for good measure since I'll have all of
this stuff strewn all over the driveway anyway.  When I'm at the dealer
picking up rotors/pads I'll get some new additions to my toolbox, a US
1023/4 for pressing the piston back into the caliper housing and a 3272
for doing the same in the back.  (These may or may not be strictly
necessary but I don't want to do this wrong)

One semi-related question: on the front and back axles there should be a
grease cap which is visible if you take off the little cap on the wheel,
and this is missing on at least one of the wheels.  Should I replace
this?  If so, should I pack it with something?

Oh yea, the torque on that front axle bolt is 147 ft lbs (200Nm) + 1/4
turn.  (Always replace)

Thanks again!