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Re: space saver tire

Hi Stott;
    The well cover for the '86 5kcstq was made of molded structural foam and had an elevated hump to clear the tire, allowing the cover to sit on all edges of the well. The standard cover is a flat piece of hardboard which hits the tire , lifting the back edge of the cover about 1/2" above the trunk floor. It isn't noticable when the trunk mat is in place; I've been carrying a full size spare in my '91 200q for many years with no problems.
    The '86 cover will work if you can find one. Only the quattros had the full size spare because the factory was worried about the impact of different rolling radii on the quattro drive system. In 1987, all cars came with the space saver spare. 
                    Fred Munro
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Date: Wednesday, January 07, 1998 11:12 AM
Subject: RE: space saver tire

Are you saying that on the 200q, you can't use a full size spare without the
well cover being elevated?  Will the 5ktq well cover fit, and not cause the

Just trying to clear things up...


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    Hi Chris;

        My 1986 5kcstq (may it rest in peace) came with a full size spare, not a
    space saver. The space saver from my 1991 200q is stored in pristine
    condition in the back shed and the full size spare is in the trunk. The '86
    had a special well cover to accomodate the full size spare; the standard '91
    well cover will work but will be elevated about 1/2" at the back due to
    interference with the full size tire.

                            Fred Munro
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    Subject: re: space saver tire

    >I seem to remember Car and Driver or some such magazine did such a test,
    >fairly good results overall.  Anyone want to run to their library and
    >for it?
    >I also once drove about 450 miles on one at the rear of my old 4000csq; my
    >passenger insisted I slow down whenever I crept above 70-75, fearing
    >catastrophic failure.  The tire didn't heat up noticeably, nor show much
    >Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q with space saver;
    >a full size fit in the well?
    >You wrote:
    ><<But I've often wondered, staring at the digestive biscuit stacked at the
    >the garage, whether anyone has ever put _FOUR_ on an ur-quattro and tried
    >throw it around a bit?
    >If not, is anyone game for a try at the next UK track day?  An ur-quattro
    >four motorcycle tyres?
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    > Phil Payne
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