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Re: 4kcsq is back on the road :-) (long)

Mausoof Saqib wrote:
> Hi,
> Last October, my 87 4kcsq lost its motor on the way to KC on I-80.
> How it happened?
> The first thing that surprised everyone on the quattro list and my
> mechanic was the fact that the motor blew up on my 4kcsq. He had never
> seen something like that happen, I mean they are formidable engines. 
> Saqib Mausoof

Yes, a few of us were wondering why it blew. It seems quite obvious that
"The Grease Spot" screwed up on the coolant flush. You might be able to
recover damages. Another sad demonstrator that "quickie lube" or chain
repair shops are to be avoided at all costs. Certainly Saquib's motor
would have been in much better shape now if he had just left the old oil
and coolant in there and had no service at all.