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1990 Audi 100 Window Wiper Problem

I'm sending my first message to this list for over 3 years.  Glad to see

it's still here.  I've got a 1990 100 with a strange Windshield wiper
When I turn the wipers on, the function perfectly.  When I turn them
off, they
always want to stop in the middle of the windshield.  This is very
annoying so I kept the wipers going even when i didn't need them.

I tried moving them by hand with the wipers off.  Pushing them down
towards their normal idle position does not move them at all.  Pushing
them the other direction to complete the "wipe" canuses them to get
brought all the way back down and pushed back to the middle of the
windshield to rest again.

This just appeared this evening for the first time this evening.  Any
greatly appreciated.

Todd Joseph