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Bay Area/Santa Cruz Mechanics

Having all 3 Audis in need of repair and having a having a hand with
stitches in it at the same time is no fun. 

I phoned Guy at Coastal Performance last Wednesday to arrange an
appointment to have one of the q's serviced and the earliest date he had
was for Thursday the 8th. Kind of a long wait, but have to do. I was
right near his shop today (Wednesday) so I stopped in to make sure he
had everything needed for the repairs. He confirmed 8 am Thursday
(tomorrow) as the time to drop off the q. At 4pm today his wife calls to
say they are too busy to work on my car tomorrow. They can't get to it
until the 19th. This is very poor customer service in my opinion. I know
there are listers with good things to say about Coastal, but I feel
compelled to add the above datapoint to the archives.

I phoned R&D Motorsports and got no answer at 4:15pm with 20 rings.
Tried again a little later. Same result. The only thing I have heard
about them is that they were pricey. Can anyone report on their skill
(or lack thereof)?

Any other mechanic recommendations? San Jose mechanics perhaps?