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Re: battery drain while parked - why?

Orin Eman wrote:
>Wonder if some of those under seat batteries are shorting out
>to the seat somehow. 

Yeah ... that has happened to my first Audi (84 5K) at about 5 years
ago. It had leather seats and 100K on it. Back then I was hanging out at
the Majestic theatre and UnionStreet.
I pulled into the parking lot after a rather brutal ride through Det
back streets when the parking attendant I was talking to told me "
Dude... heheh ... your back seat s on fire ! " . I jumped out and pulled
the seat out as fast as I could. I extinguished the fire on the battery
and the bottom of the rear seat with my bare hands. (Please Note that I
was only 18 and that I did not know anything about cars. I just noticed
that the 4 rings started influencing me like nothing else). The guy who
had the car before has never replaced the positive tower insulation cap
... the frame of the backseat did the rest. That has never happened
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