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New problems with the 200t....


I'm just returned from Cape Town (sea level) back to the place where
I work (upcountry). I've travelled 1300km (see, I got the thing right
this time, didn't say  1300km/h) in 8.5 hours. When I was down at
sea level the car was running like a dream,  probably 'cos of all that
air. It was also running slightly lean.

I've got a few new problems. I'm not going to describe the ones I
normally have, save bandwidth and they've already been put onto  the

Now the problems. I was only down there for 2 weeks and didn't want to
tune the thing in again. So I drove it in the slightly lean condition.
(I don't think the leanness caused problems). A few days before leaving
Cape Town the car developed a slight surge problem. If I hold it steady
at a constant speed I can feed the car surge forward slightly (as if
more boost is happening) and then it will die  back a bit. This
happened all the way up to where  I am working now. Also, I give it
a little extra gas  and it will pick up a bit and then die  down, the
pickup lasts maybe a second before the car feels like it is slowing
down. When overtaking I give a fair amount of gas and  the nose lifts
as when you're about to accellerate  and then drops down  again and
overtaking becomes a slow dangerous job.

This morning I started it up and had a listen to the exhaust note. Very
loud now as the hole in the piping has become very large and I will need
to fix it. The idle was a bit buggered, below normal.

The T-piece for the breather pipes is torn and I don't have the cash
to fix it right now. Could this be the cause of the surging? Perhaps
this slight surging is from an air leak somewhere.

The next problem, this has been happening for  ages and I can't pinpoint
it: when idling the is a rumbling noise (actually if I had to right
down the sound in letters it would be "Woo Voo", a sought of deep
rumble that alternates between a low and a slightly higher pitch),
when I was driving up yesterday the sound was audible at speed as well,
actually audible above the wind  and engine noise (but  that's from
the  cabin anyway). Does anyone have rumbling like this? Should I stick
a mic into the cabin and record the sounds for someone? Could this be
the turbo packing in?

Next one: the whistling from the turbo side has subsided, but when I'm
running at speed (120-160km/h) there  is an incredible whistle from
the left and centre of the car. It sounds like air squeezing passed a
vent or something. I suspect it is the air  ducts that have stuck
gates and was wandering if anybody knows how to check these on the 1990
200t without removing the dash?

I have managed to narrow down my accelleration vibrations to engine
mountings. I will put up another message about replacements.

Summary of problems:

	1. rumble at idle (bizzare sound, almost bearing-like)
	2. noise at speed (rumble becomes roar)
	3. surging (perhaps WOT switch, slight lurching feels like an
	   air leak, so which pipes to check?)
	4. loud whistle from left of car (passenger  side) (perhaps
	   just air ducts for ventilation system, but how to check
	   the duct gates on the dash?)

Hope there are some hints for help here. My explanations are very 
non-tech, I am describing what I hear and  feel and hope someone has
been through or seen something like this.

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200T)
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